Magnum coated Fresh Cream Cakes

Magnum coated Fresh Cream Cakes

We tried making this 6 inch magnum cake over the weekend and ended with wonderful results


the black canned cherries were soaked in kirsch for at least 2 weeks. I keep a bunch of soaked cherries in the fridge/wine chiller and use it every now and then. It comes in handy everytime you are out of ideas to decorate a chocolate cake


Here comes the recipe :

you may omit the sponge gel / ovalette in your sponge cake and change it to a meringe based recipe if you are fastidious about using only natural ingredients for your cake


But if you are a commercial baker then this is the faster way to whip up a 7 inch chocolate sponge.

4 nos egg

105g sugar (dont cut, this is only moderately sweet)

water 45g

vanilla extract (a little)

self raising flour 95g

cocoa powder 10g

corn oil 70g

SP (sponge gel) 13g


Beat egg and sugar for 2 mins at low speed or till you see it foams up. Add in SP, then flour. Turn up your mixer to high speed. Whisk for about 5 mins. You will see a thick batter.

Turn to low speed, and add in your water. Then finally oil

Bake at 170 degrees.


For the fresh cream :

250g dairy based whipping cream (35% fat) 

250g topping cream (25% fat) 

40g icing sugar (i did not sieve)

(Whip all this up in a very chilled stainless steel bowl till you see a very thick luxurious cream) the more chilled your bowl is the better the results

If not ready to use yet, always store fresh cream in the fridge first

And if storing fresh cream for more than 2 days always keep it in the chilled section of your chiller (lower than 4 degrees)


For the magnum coating :

melt couverture/compound chocolate


vegetable oil

50g (add into melted chocolate)

so you can just use a compound chocolate since you will still be adding vegetable oil.


Mix & blend well, pour onto chilled cake. Make sure your coating is very viscous before pouring because the coating will start to harden fast once in contact with the chilled cake.

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