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Sweet Confess

πŸ”₯ 100pcs heat sealer cookie bag nougat wrapper sealing bag clear matte biscuit macaron mooncake heat seal packaging

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100pcs included (able to use it with a food sealer) OR just tape it
measurement : (Base x height)
4 x 9cm (for nougat)
5.5 x 8.5cm (for cookies)
7 x 10cm (for cookies)
9 x 11.5cm (for 50g mooncake tray w/o cover)
10 x 13.5cm (for 80g mooncake tray w/o cover)
11 x 14cm (for 100g mooncake tray w/o cover)
12 x 16cm (for 125g mooncake tray w/o cover)
14 x 17cm (for 180g mooncake tray w/o cover)

***Heat sealer 17.5 x 2.8 x 2cm (when closed) heat sealing element length is 7cm, if your wrapper opening is more than 7cm, you will need to perform 2x sealing actions)
Take note that electrical plug design requires use of an adapter in singapore sockets. Voltage / current compatible with local use (colour randomly sent)
No heat adjustment is available on this mini heat sealer, if sealer gets too hot and your package starts to warp, switch off heater and wait awhile. Different grades of plastic quality will seal differently so experiment with it.

usage : packs cookies, mooncakes
material : food grade plastic (STICKERS in illustrations are not included)
βš–weight : 50 - 150g (100pcs)
washing & storage : disposable
package : self adhesive clear plastic
suits high temp baking :no
❄suits blast freezing : yes


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  • Tip : How to choose the right cake box

    Alway choose an extra inch or 2 inches box bigger than your cake.Β 


    For example, if your cake is 8 inches, the rule of thumb is to choose a 10 inch box so that the box doesn't accidentally smudge your cake decoration.

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