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Sweet Confess

10pcs plastic bags cake box packaging bag salad bowl clear carrier bag transparent carrying bag

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These are clear transparent 0.125mm thickness (very thick) plastic bags (All bags have sides that open up to accomodate boxes)
Measurements are stated in Width x height x side (cm)
4 sizes for Takeaway bowl boxes options (good for smaller items)
5 sizes for LARGE cake box options (good for 6 inch - 10 inch cake box NOT higher than level 2)

📏measurement : various, please see different options for exact measurements (takeaway box/bowl are smaller size bags & cake box plastic bags are larger)
🎂usage : for carrying your cake boxes/salad bowls/bubble tea cups etc
🌳material : clear transparent plastic
⚖weight : various
🛁washing & 🗄storage : disposable
📦package : courier bag / plastic wrapper
🔥suits high temp baking : no
❄suits blast freezing : yes

@photo credit to @luminyoyo, @rarabakes for their lovely bakes
  • Tip : How to choose the right cake box

    Alway choose an extra inch or 2 inches box bigger than your cake. 


    For example, if your cake is 8 inches, the rule of thumb is to choose a 10 inch box so that the box doesn't accidentally smudge your cake decoration.

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