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Sweet Confes

macaron silicone mat mould non stick macarons baking sheet

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Each cavity has a protruding rim that works as a guideline for macaron piping and to hold in batter
Flexible and heat permeating allows your macarons to bake evenly (always use a fan convection oven to bake macarons)
To test for doneness, pry away macaron from mat to see if bottom is still wet

Batter dispensing with 4 piping nozzles sold separately (our macaron mat is purposely thinner in version to allow faster heat permeation from hot tray/rack) this will prevent uncooked macaron bottoms which usually will happen for thick silicone mat

📏measurement : 26 x 29cm / 39 x 29cm (each cavity 3.7cm) / batter dispenser length : 13cm
🎂usage : macaron baking, or roll up swiss rolls
🌳material : food grade silicone
⚖weight : 70g/120g
🛁washing & 🗄storage : wash with soap & water, let dry
📦package : self adhesive clear plastic
🔥suits high temp baking : yes, 200°C
❄suits blast freezing : yes
  • Tip : How to choose the right cake box

    Alway choose an extra inch or 2 inches box bigger than your cake. 


    For example, if your cake is 8 inches, the rule of thumb is to choose a 10 inch box so that the box doesn't accidentally smudge your cake decoration.

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