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Sweet Confess

Spherical dome silicone/plastic mould - pinata cake ball mold bombshell surprise cake hammer mould sweet confessions

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5 sizes spheres : 5cm, 13.5cm , 15.5cm , 18cm (only flexi-silicone) , 19.5cm diameter (all spheres except for silicone come with a small loop, able to hang or suspend)

(except silicone) Suitable to be used as a food storage display🍰🍰🎁🎁🥞🥞 for salads, mousse cake, jelly or for chocolate moulding (NOT BAKEABLE/MICROWABABLE)

To make an orbit ring🌏🌏 outside cake, use the multiple orbit ring mould (functions as a pot coaster) to make a chocolate ring, the chocolate ring can also act as a base to set your sphere on and to balance it

Photo credit to creators of desserts as shown

📏measurement : 5 sizes sphere (FOR flexi-silicone option, when you receive the mould it may be slightly OUT OF SHAPE due to flat packing) with continuous usage shape will be restored
🎂usage : for displaying food or making a chocolate sphere
🌳material : flexi silicone OR acrylic plastic (wash before using) This is not PET plastic (which is disposable type)
⚖weight : 100g
🛁washing & 🗄storage : wash with soap & water, let dry
📦package : self adhesive clear plastic
🔥suits high temp baking : no
❄suits blast freezing : yes

for easier removal of chocolate sphere, coat a thicker layer of compound chocolate. Ensure your chocolate pinata is set cold before removal. Just overturn sphere and chocolate will drop out. For video footage on using our pinata mould, send us a request
  • Tip : How to choose the right cake box

    Alway choose an extra inch or 2 inches box bigger than your cake. 


    For example, if your cake is 8 inches, the rule of thumb is to choose a 10 inch box so that the box doesn't accidentally smudge your cake decoration.

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